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Power Birthing Online Course

Have a powerful and peaceful birth with less pain

The Power Birthing Online Course is a practical, easy to learn and a no-nonsense approach to giving birth, and you can learn it from the comfort of your own home.

We will guide you through the Power birthing online course, giving you tools and super effective exercises, to have a birth you would WANT to talk about for many many years.

This program consists of: 

  • 10 months access to a members-only portal
  • 5 easy to follow video modules that all include 5-6 lessons
  • Downloadable pdf's to assist you on the day during labour
  • Pdf practice schedule to help you get things done
  • Audio files with the exercises you need to be prepared for the big day  (the Power breathing technique, visualisation, meditation, the Tense and release technique and so much more)
  • A specific partner module (but your partner is of cause invited to watch all the modules) designed to provide your birth parter with fantastic tools and resources to help you all the way
  • Thorough explanations on all the information you need from start to end
  • Facebook community where you can ask questions and and meet fellow new moms.

While the optimal time available to practice Power birthing is 6-8 weeks before birth, we all know that life happens, and you will be able to catch up even if you get a bit behind.

With Power birthing you will feel informed and prepared. You and your partner will have knowledge and techniques based on anatomy and research to help you through all the stages of birth and possible changes that may happen along the way. 

You will feel empowered to get the birth you deserve in a much more stress free environment.

What is Power Breathing?

Power breathing is SO much more than being asked to breathe deeply when it hurts the most. 

In fact, breathing deeply is pushing the diaphragm down onto the uterus and increasing the pain sensation. 

With Power breathing you learn how to avoid this, but still get the much needed oxygen. 

Along with this pain reducing breathing technique, you will learn a wide variety of techniques to handle and reduce pain.

Sometimes the contractions may even slow down due to stress, thus prolonging labour. The techniques you are taught to get the contractions started again are based in anatomy, physiology and old midwifery knowledge.

Power Birthing supports women/couples through birth

Learn to reduce the pain signal and keep in control to save energy for when your precious little bundle arrives.

While pregnant, you have had many choices to make and probably asked yourself many questions in order to plan for the best birth possible. 

Having a good birth means something different to every woman, and whatever birth choices you make, and whatever course your birth takes, preparation is key to entering birth feeling calm, confident and powerful.

Many of us have fears and anxieties surrounding birth, and most of us are concerned about the pain, and loss of control because we feel in the hands of doctors.

This ends with Power Birthing, you will learn to understand the design and function of your body, nervous system and hormones involved in birth, and how your birth partner can support and help  you. It all plays an important part in having a natural birth where you help your body instead of fighting it. 

But most importantly, you will learn tools and techniques to manage the pain signal in a positive way. We all respond differently to pain, but with these techniques to help your baby into the world with less pain, you feel safe and in control because you know what to do all they way.

With this self-study online program, you will be guided through exercises to prepare your body and mind for the birth of your little miracle. 

Welcome to Power Birthing. For a confident, calm and powerful birth.  

I started using Mia’s Power Birthing course because I got it as a gift from my mother in law. After watching the first module I was all in and very excited. I had a terrible first birth with my first born, and was very scared of giving birth again. The techniques and exercises work! I welcomed my daughter into this world feeling empowered as Mia promised and I had steel focus during the whole birth. My husband even had tasks to do the whole way through and got to cut the umbilical cord. I can’t recommend Mia’s Power Birthing enough!

Mia’s course helped me to feel confident about my upcoming birth, and I had the most empowering birth I could have wished for!


First Time Mom


Second Time Mom

Join the many women and couples all over the world and get the birth you deserve!


Learn exercises and techniques that will leave you and your partner confident, resourceful and very capable of bringing your baby into the world.

Knowledge is empowering. 

Taking back control and being informed is giving you the option of having a natural birth with or without medication. 

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